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Infomercial Performance Before Excellent Marketing Results

BioSlim's original weight loss infomercial had a sales record of three million dollars over two years. While the infomercial was performing to a limited extent, the owner felt that it could do much better. When we reviewed the existing market and all the resources that BioSlim had to offer, we noticed one main point that other infomercial companies had overlooked. Even the owner of BioSlim who was very familiar with infomercials missed a major marketing point.

Bioslim Top Infomercial

Real Infomercial Performance - $80 Million In Its First Year

Modifying and adding the missing point plus some other not-so-minor-corrections made a difference of tens of millions of dollars in revenue from the revised infomercial. After we corrected and re-created the BioSlim infomercial, it went on to gross $80 million in its first year making it one of the top infomercial products for that year.

You'll notice that we are giving you statistics as opposed to "fluff" on these campaigns. When it comes infomercial products the only thing that counts is the return on investment. It is not about who our client is, but what we've done to make an campaign profitable. If you have questions as you go through this page, there is a phone number and email at the bottom, so feel free to call or write at any time for a consultation.



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