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Carbite Before The Infomercial

The Carbite Golf Company created a golf putter they believed was superior to other putters on the market. In other words, they were like a multitude of companies that created golf clubs each year. But most of them failed when using conventional marketing approaches instead of infomercials. Why should the Carbite Polar Balanced Putter be any different? Would it work as in infomercial product?


Infomercial Marketing Success - $15 Million

Excellent Marketing created Carbite Golf's initial infomercial and in their first year they went from a three million dollar-a-year company, to 15 million dollars in sales! We produced and managed two more television campaigns for Carbite that were highly successful and ran for over three years generating millions of dollars! At the time the Polar Balanced Putters were seen on golf courses across America and on most tour events!


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